In Montreal, we started a recording studio, and operated it for a year and a half. During this time, we wanted to try to both build our client base, and give back to the music community.

In our past experience, recording studio sessions were sometimes – well, awful. The pressure of time, and an impatient sound engineer eating away at your creative energy as the bill adds up. We designed a studio around having a much more laid back aesthetic – hence the name ‘The Terrace’. We didn’t charge by the hour, but came up with a project budget beforehand, allowing the musical integrity be the only deciding factor in how many takes happened.

We offered new clients the first track free. Come in, record your song, we’ll mix it, and then you can decide if you like how we work and what we do. We also hosted a show in Montreal, that featured 3 artists we thought really stood out, and paid them for their performances.

Here is a sampling of these free recordings from various artists, and various genres. These songs have not been mastered.